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Step11. Click connection shortcut on the desktop.

VPNm2 Step11

Step12. [Optional when UAC enabled on windows vista/7] Click "Yes" when windows want to confirm changes.

VPNm2 Step12

Step13. Click "Connect" button to connect.

Please NOTICE: Below image is only for example. It's NOT free trial account. You should contact with VPN service provider to get correct IP address/username/password.

VPNm2 Step13

Step14. [Optional when firewall is enabled] Enable both "Private networks" and "Public networks", and then click "Allow access" button.

If you're using other firewall software, please check its manual to enable VPNm2 access to Internet.

VPNm2 Step14

Step15. Wait a few while. When connected, VPNm2 will automatically hide to system tray area.