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Step06. Click "Start" on the left bottom. Then click "All Programs".

VPNm2 Step06

Step07. Find and click "VPNm2" in the start menu. Then click "Create new connection".

VPNm2 Step07

Step08. [Optional when UAC enabled on windows vista/7] Click "Yes" when windows want to confirm changes.

VPNm2 Step08

Step09. Enter IP address, your username, your password, which is sent from your VPN service provider. Then click "Create" button to create new connection.

Please NOTICE: Below image is only for example. It's NOT free trial account. You should contact with VPN service provider to get correct IP address/username/password.

VPNm2 Step09

Step10. Once created, you will notice a connection shortcut on desktop. You may click connection shortcut to connect or disconnect. Now you may click "Connect" button to connect VPN.

VPNm2 Step10